Bokkelux Series are cinema lenses developed by Bokkeh Optics.
The latest series are set of T2 lenses, developed for 3 years, announced in April 2016.
This set lens is to provide extreme resolution and integrity of color consistency. Frame size covered Full Frame (24mm x 36mm Φ43.5mm) and even up to future Vista Vision (Φ46.1mm).  Apochromatic design produce very solid and vivid images, also produce creamy and comfortable bokeh.
The lens body is cine-base design, long distance of focus rotation with gears, consistent with length and diameter, suitable for cinematographers.


Focal Length25mm35mm50mm75mm100mm CF
CFD (meter)
CFD (inch)8″12″17″27″22″
Weight (kg)1.451.421.421.321.4
Weight (lb)
Focus Rotation340°
Iris Rotation60°
Number of Blades12
Front Diameter110 mm
Front Filter Thread105mm x P1.0
MarkingEngraved, with fluorescent markings*
DesignHigh-Performance Optical Design
Image CircleΦ46.1mm
Frame Coverage35mm Full Frame, Vista Vision
ResolutionExtreme High Resolution up to 8K
Chromatic AberrationApochromat
Color BalanceNatural Color Balance
AOV Vista Vision86°67°50°34°25.5°
AOV 24X36 Full Frame82°63°47°32°23.5°
AOV 18X24 Super3552°39°28°19°14.5°
Lens MountPL, EF, E-mount, MFT*

*First Shipment only come with PL or EF.
*fluorescent markings is optional.