201705 Broadcast Asia, Singapore

Bokkelux at Broadcast Asia 2017, Suntec, Singapore.

Thanks to:
BlackMagicDesign SG for Ursa Mini 4.6K
Kinefinity for Terra 6K
Wise-Advance for C-Fast card.
TERIS China for Tripod.
FXLION for V-lock Battery.
Red SG for tested our lenses.
Bokkeh Team

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We have Ivan Agerton came to our booth with his RED Weapon VV 8K on the last day of BCA! Test vignette of our lenses.

No Vignette on 8K WS at all.

201704-NABShow 2017 Review (Las Vegas, USA)

This year we finished our set of lenses, NABShow is our stage to announce!


Thanks to:

BlackMagicDesign for URSA Mini 4.6K.
Kinefinity for TERRA 6K
Wise-Advanced for C-Fast card.
FXLION for V-lock Battery.
Bokkeh Team

Camtec System
Revolution Cinema Rental
Old School Camera

#BokkehOptics #Bokkelux #FXLION #TERRA #BlackMagicDesign #URSAMini

Last Day at NABShow, Shane Hurlbut, ASC came to our booth tried Bokkelux.

After the show, we visited some friends in LA.

201608-Birtv 2016, Beijing China

Bokkelux at Beijing, first reveal in China.

Birtv, biggest broadcast show in Beijing, China.



Thanks to Infratrans for exhibiting in their booth.

201606-Broadcast Asia 2016 Review

Broadcast Asia is biggest broadcast show in South East Asia,  cover up to Mid-east and Oceania.


Bokkeh Team also attended this event.

Thanks to: 

Bokkeh Team

BlackMagicDesign for URSA

WISE-advanced for C-Fast Card.


201604-NABSHOW 2016 Review

Las Vegas – NABShow is the world’s largest yearly electronic media show, with 2016’s event seeing over 103,000 attendees coming to see over 1,800 the latest content creation, management and delivery technologies.


NABShow represents an unparalleled opportunity for industry-to-industry, and industry-to-consumer interaction and networking; and was the perfect venue for Bokkeh to announce it’s first line of optics.

Over the course of the four day event, we used the NABShow platform to demonstrate both our design and production capabilities in the form of our very first Bokkelux 75mm T2 prototype lens. Although there are still some external refinements to be made to the lens’ finish, the optics spoke for themselves, leaving a deep impression on the new friends and contacts we made in the film industry.

During the exhibition we were fortunate enough to meet the team at Red and had the opportunity to test the Bokkelux 75mm T2 on the latest RED 8k Weapon test equipment. In addition, when tested on the RED Vista Vision, the Bokkelux 75mm T2 exceeded 35mm full frame; and showed outstanding performance with zero fall-off. It was our vision to exceed the technical requirements we had set as our initial design targets; and the results from the tests with RED demonstrate that commitment to delivering profound performance was a effort well spent.

With the finalization of the Bokkelux 75mm T2, we are now ready to move forward with completing the remaining lenses in our starting line-up. With NAB Show 2016 behind us and many further opportunities ahead, we are confident that our commitments to quality and design will be reflected in our upcoming wide-angle and standard focal length releases.

~ Vincent Huang, CEO, Bokkeh